code of conduct

This outlines behaviour expected of staff and the volunteers who engage with children and young people at the event exhibition and its activities.


This code has been developed to provide advice which will not only help to protect children but will also help identify any practices which could be mistakenly interpreted and perhaps lead to false allegations of abuse being made against individuals.

Following this good practice guide will also help to protect the show by reducing the possibility of anyone using their role within the organisation to gain access to children to abuse them.

When working with children and young people for the show all staff and volunteers are acting in a position of trust. It is therefore important that staff and volunteers are aware that they may be seen as role models by children and must always act in an appropriate manner and follow the code of behaviour.

All members of staff and volunteers are expected to report any breaches of this code to a senior director of The Fanatic Group Ltd.

Any breach of this code involving a member of staff or volunteer may result in them being asked to leave the event immediately. Serious breaches of this code may also result in a referral being made to a statutory agency such as the police or Children’s Services Department.

When working with children and young people it is important to: